About John Stafira

John Stafira is a seasoned entrepreneur with over two decades of experience in the digital space, boasting a proven track record of providing innovative solutions in emerging markets. He specializes in incubating new businesses, building intellectual property and developing customer acquisition models with substantial customer lifetime values. John has played a crucial role in shaping numerous startups and delivering innovative solutions to Fortune 500 companies.

John began his online career by co-founding an Ad Network, which became a significant source of banner ad space for DoubleClick Media and its advertisers, generating over a billion impressions monthly for top-tier companies like AT&T, Ford and General Motors. Recognizing a shift in digital marketing, John transitioned from banner ads to capitalize on Google’s emerging search solution. He joined SearchDex as a business development strategist, adeptly linking search engine visibility to increased revenue for Fortune 500 e-commerce companies such as JCPenney’s, Williams-Sonoma, Orbitz, and Armani. This transition further honed his expertise in customer acquisition.

Venturing further into the realm of emerging technologies, John co-created a patented 2D barcode solution known as Qyoo. This “Coded Visual Information System,” registered under US Patent US9008432B2, introduced a novel 3D barcode shape that conveyed target information to users smartphones.

In his role as a principal and co-founder of Beanstalk Digital, John used his extensive knowledge to benefit the company’s clients, including Match.com, Intuit and Southwest Airlines. Here, he introduced the Native Commerce Platform™ (Serial Number 85924486), a novel concept trademarked under SwiftAir (A precursor to what Gartner now calls Composable Commerce). This platform was developed as a solution to monetize Southwest Airlines’ in-flight Wi-Fi. It cleverly integrated an interactive digital travel magazine that provided passengers with targeted, destination-based offers and experiences.

John has played a crucial role as a co-founder in driving the development of intellectual property (IP) related to advancing blockchain technology. His contributions have resulted in the creation of patent-pending inventions, which have been acquired by National Currency Technologies, a company specializing in software, hardware, and IP for digital currencies. Notable achievements include the inventions titled “Smart Contract Implementation Mechanisms” (App No US17/161,739) and “Blockchain-Based Transaction Mechanisms” (US Patent US11741439). These advancements are instrumental in enabling more efficient and secure crypto transactions, making a significant impact in the field.

In 2014, inspired by the Department of Health and Human Services’ decision to allow patients access to their own clinical lab results, John co-founded iDNA. As one of the pioneers in the Direct-to-Consumer healthcare arena, the company’s goal was to adapt a specific set of lab panels, traditionally only available in a clinical setting, into a product that aligned with online consumer behavior. iDNA’s unique strategy successfully married a favorable customer acquisition model with a seamless, user-friendly platform for at-home lab testing.

John is currently harnessing his extensive experience, gained over twenty years in product development and consumer acquisition, to guide entrepreneurs in establishing sustainable business models. His focus is on identifying untapped market opportunities where a Practical Market Design approach can be implemented. This methodology enhances robust Lifetime Customer Value to Customer Acquisition Cost (LTV:CAC) ratios, a key measure of long-term business viability and success.